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 DOAEU Showcase: Interview With Sarah Lou

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Hurricane Rev

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PostSubject: DOAEU Showcase: Interview With Sarah Lou   Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:52 am

Dead Or Alive EU is proud to present the 1st of DOAEU Showcase. The DOAEU Showcase is about me interviewing with people who are part of the DOA and Tecmo Koei community and who are really well known in Europe. So, to start this thing off, I had a pleasure to interview with a UK DOA Female player who is part of Team Birmingham Salvo and her team won the Championship Gaming Series back in 2008, beating San Francisco Optx in the Grand Final. She has played against many top DOA4 players such as Vanessa, Skatan Miller, Messy, Mystik (Kat Gun) and more. And That Player Is No Other Than Sarah Lou!

Hurricane Rev - Just tell me some info about yourself

Sarah Lou - Im currently an apprentice in project controls contracted to the MOD in Aldermaston (west Reading) i aspire to be a project engineer in electrical engineering.
My hobbies include gaming (ofc), tennis (i suck and so does my partner) badminton, and a shit load of driving (though thats kinda essential to my job but i still enjoy it)
My favourite snack food is McCoy cheese and onion crisps.
My favourite tv show is south park.
My favourite drink is southern comfort and lemonade at the weekends and during the week coke.

Hurricane Rev - How did you get into DOA? What made you like the series?

Sarah Lou - I got into doa when it came out on the orginal xbox, it was a launch title which came in a bundle my sister bought. I did have (still have) doa 2 on the ps2 but i wasnt massively into console games back then.
I was mostly drawn to the 3rd in the series because of the graphics, i am still drawn to them even now. It also helped that the game play was clean, smooth and easy to pick up if playing against another beginner.

Hurricane Rev - You won the World CGS title back in 2008. What was going through your head when your team have won the world title at that time?

Sarah Lou - The thoughts going through my head as we won the cgs world title wasnt shock or surprised, as arrogant as this may sound I think I would have been more surprised if we had lost. This is because I believed we had a stronger team all round and I know that comment will upset people but that is what I believed. Also the fact that I had no expectations from the beginning helped so the fact we had even got that far to me was great.

Hurricane Rev - Did you have like a rival when you was competing in CGS? If so, who?

Sarah Lou - My rival in the cgs for me personally was my own sister, she was always better than me on the game and she did help me improve when DOAU came out on the original xbox. The first match I ever played on stage was with her and I felt like Frankenstein’s monster, we all know the settings on our match were wrong so the victory never felt real and I still felt the need to prove myself.

Hurricane Rev - Would you like to see CGS come back again?

Sarah Lou - I would like to see the cgs come back or something similar, to me there is no other gaming contest as successful in brining different genres together and making them entertaining. Gamers or not I still get people today asking me if I'm "that girl gamer on sky tv", for a tv show that was not considered popular I still get recognised. I'm sure there are more popular contests but when something like that, an mod police no less, asks if he saw you on tv it gets you thinking.
Another bonus of the cgs was it brought gamers from around the world into one spot so they could test their skills in person.

Hurricane Rev - How was the level of the competition for DOA4 like at CGS?

Sarah Lou - The skill level of DOA4 for the females division to me was quite surprising, I remember watching a few matches of the previous season on the CGS website thinking they weren’t too great. So when first playing Mystik (Kat Gun) I was taken back a step Im just glad I managed to hold my own with just a loss of 5-4. One person who didn’t surprise me was of course Vanessa, her reputation precedes her.

Hurricane Rev - Do you think the level for DOA in the US is higher that the level in Europe? If so, Why?

Sarah Lou - It is hard to judge the skill level in the US compared to in Europe, we’ve never had as many contests as they have and we only had 2 teams to represent Europe and 2 teams for Britain. In theory US should be better because they have this competitive practise but there is no question the logic behind the game is equal on a technical basis, neither American or European has more knowledge in my opinion. I did find that the Europeans had a better skill at teaching, I myself learnt alot from the likes of Shez (linx), Messy (Maximus), Skatan Miller and The Tactical. However that could be the Americans not wanting to teach the likes of me

Hurricane Rev - DOA5 has been announced like 2 months ago and they released like a footage of Hayate and Hayabusa fighting each other in DOA5. What is your impression of the game so far?

Sarah Lou - My first impression of the game was that it was a hoax, I really didn’t believe it. It’s taken other people to persuade me otherwise. I have to say though the game does have a different look about it, I can’t really say if I like it or not from that one video but it seems promising. To me it looks as though they are trying to move forward with their game and get it passed the predecessor which is good to me and I will most certainly be buying it when it doesn’t come out.

Hurricane Rev - If there was a person who is very new to DOA and they wants to get good at the game, what kind of advice would you give them?

Sarah Lou - For anyone who is new to doa my best advise is probably something I should have practised more myself, patients. Take your time and take advantage of other people's mistakes, it also helps if you know your characters move list

Hurricane Rev - Who is your favourite character/s in DOA and why?

Sarah Lou - My favourite has always been kasumi, she was the first character I selected. She was the first selected because at the time I had really long hair which I used pull back into a pony tail, so thinking we had that in common the choice was made. As it turns out she was the fastest character in the game and with me favouring speed it sealed my favouritism towards her.
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PostSubject: DOAEU showcase: Interview with Sarah Lou.    Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:26 pm

Great interview Rev nice job.
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DOAEU Showcase: Interview With Sarah Lou
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