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 Here are the DOA horoscopes

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PostSubject: Here are the DOA horoscopes   Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:52 am

Have you ever wondered what each of the DOA characters horoscopes were? Well here you go, all of them listed.
Please note that this applies to their sun sign and nothing else.

Kasumi Kasumi
Birthday: February 23rd
Star sign: Pisces ♓️

Ryu Hayabusa Ryu Hayabusa
Birthday: June 15th
Star sign: Gemini ♊️

Brad Wong Brad Wong
Birthday: September 10th
Star sign: Virgo ♍️

Eliot Eliot
Birthday: November 22nd
Star sign: Scorpio ♏️ and Sagittarius ♐️

Tina Tina Armstrong
Birthday: December 6th
Star sign: Sagittarius ♐️

Helena Helena Douglas
Birthday: January 30th
Star sign: Capricorn ♑️

Lisa Lisa Hamilton
Birthday: July 20th
Star sign: Cancer ♋️

Kokoro Kokoro
Birthday: December 1st
Star sign: Sagittarius ♐️

Bayman Bayman
Birthday: October 10th
Star sign: Libra ♎️

Christie Christie
Birthday: December 18th
Star sign: Sagittarius ♐️

Bass Bass Armstrong
Birthday: July 4th
Star sign: Cancer ♋️

Jann Lee Jann Lee
Birthday: November 27th
Star sign: Sagittarius ♐️

Lei Fang Lei Fang
Birthday: April 23rd
Star sign: Taurus ♉️

Zack Zack
Birthday: April 3rd
Star sign: Aries ♈️

Hitomi Hitomi
Birthday: May 25th
Star sign: Gemini ♊️

Ayane Ayane
Birthday: August 5th
Star sign: Leo ♌️

Hayate Hayate
Birthday: July 3rd
Star sign: Cancer ♋️

Gen Fu Gen Fu
Birthday: January 5th
Star sign: Capricorn ♑️

DOA birthdays: DOAWiki's "The fighters of Dead or Alive" section
Horoscopes: 12 signs of the zodiac

I hope that I got them all right. If not then tell me and I will correct it. I know there is still just a few characters to add but I'll do them (or might) in another time. Enjoy. ~
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Here are the DOA horoscopes
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