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 Rio Rollins Tachibana [DOA: Paradise Guide]

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PostSubject: Rio Rollins Tachibana [DOA: Paradise Guide]    Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:34 am

PS: This guide was originally in DOAWorld. So as I written this all by my free time, I want to share my guide here.

R i o Rollins Tachibana

What's inside the Guide

- Introduction: Introduces you to this guide.
- Introducing Rio and her personality: Telling you about Rio.
- Emology: What Rio's name means. Removed
- Gameplay: How to partner up & unlock her. Also tells you her
possible status of volleyball, and the controls for volleyball.
- Rio Rollins Tachibana: Tells you about Rio (with alot more details), includes
Guide to the Girls and Rios swimsuits.
- Rio item guide: Full item list of what to give her (only includes what she loves & likes).
- Partner guide(with Rio only): Added Hitomi, Lisa.
- Chatacters that can knock Rio down section: Is with the above Partner guide.
- Secrets, Hints, Tips, Easter Eggs: Cheats and hidden things in DOA Paradise.
- Questions & Answers: ---- [PM me first.]
The title of the PM should be DOA: Paradise Rio Questions
- Desclaimer: Tells you Rio is property of Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja, also about a warning.
- Special thanks: To those that I have thanked.


Hello I am here to give some advice about Rio in DEAD OR ALIVE paradise. Not much else is known about Rio, but we do know that she is adventurous and has partaken in games of luck. Also to note Rio is the mascot character of Tecmo's Super Black Jack gambling series. Dead or Alive paradise makes it Rios first ever debut outside Tokyo, as the BlackJack series have never been realised outside Japan.

Introducing Rio and her personality

Rio in is an adventurous person, she has partaken in lots of adventures and often finds herself in games of chance like Russian Roulette.

Her height is average for her age, she has one of the second biggest busts in DEAD OR ALIVE paradise just falling 1cm behind Tina. Her body has a healthy glow with soft facial features and a heart shaped face. Her hair is pinkish-red (but in the actual BlackJack series it's just pink) her hair is styled with a shoulder long cut with a fringe. She has green eyes and they are always alive and awake.

She is often wearing her revealing casino outfit : a white v-collar shirt, a black waist jacket with white details, that shows her stomach and lots of skin, a black miniskirt, black hight heels and a black bow collar around her neck.


The volleyball controls. It's very simple, right?

To get Rio as your partner the player needs to win against Rio with one BlackJack hand. The next day Rio is wondering the island, thought the player has to partner up with her. Then the player has to try to get a BlackJack once more to unlock her and play as her.

Though Rio's status is unknown she appears to be very similar to Lei Fang, but has low speed, defence and power.

Technique: 3/5
Defense: 1/5
Jump: 3/5
Speed: 1/5

Possibly Rios volleyball status. Very similar to Lei Fangs.

Rio sitting on the tree on one of her '???' Venus clip.
The swimsuit is the "Bingo".

Rio Rollins Tachibana

Nationality: American
Birthday: Oct. 11th
Height/Weight: 5'4" - Secret ❤
Measurements: B36" W23" H35"
(B91 W58 H88 cm)
* Age: 21
Hobby(s): Pinball, flower arranging
Favourite food(s): GingerBread Cookies, Ginger Ale
Favourite Colour: Hot Pink

* The reason why this has got a star is because there was no other information shown
in Dead or Alive paradise so I have listed it on here.

Rio herself can recruit anyone. There really isn't anybody who hates her, it could be due
that she's friendly, cheerful and a also a kind person.

However with some girls, you would want to wait a while before asking them to partner
with you. It may take a couple of days to
wait before some of the other girls decide to pair up with you.

Rio is a morning person, so it's okay to visit her in the mornings.

The Guide to the Girls [Rio is seen in the bottom right hand corner]

Rios Guide. It shows that she loves: Four-Leaf clovers,
GingerBread Cookies and Ginger Ale.

Bingo: 42,000 [her starter swimsuit]
Vingt-Trois: 880,000
Baccarat: 140,000
Chuck-a-luck: 90,000
Craps: 350,000
Banca Francesa: 32,000
Caribbean Stud: 140,000
Fan-Tan: 90,000
Cards: 60,000
Noir: 32,000
Red Dog: 880,000
Rouge: 32,000
Pai Gow Poker: 90,000
Swedish Dice: 140,000
Three Sevens: 600,000
Kalooki: 350,000
Lottery: 42,000
Roulette: 600,000
Deuces Wild: 350,000
Blackjack: 880,000
Dice: 60,000
Pan: 42,000
Chips: 60,000
Texas Hold'em: 600,000
Total Cost: ???
Note: A majority of Rios swimsuits have been on Hitomi's previous collection. Some of Hitomi's DOAX
swimsuits are back. Can you recognize any?

Rios swimsuits have been renamed to do with games of gambling.
Although these are new they may just be Rios BlackJack costume but with colour swaps.
The only actual new swimsuits that Rio has are Bingo, Cards, BlackJack, Red Dog, Vingt-Trois, Texas Hold'em, Three Sevens, and Roulette.
The rest of the swimsuits are renamed and alot of them are from Hitomi's DOAX and DOAX2 games.
Rio item guide
(WRAP things for her in Hot Pink, thought Pink also works)
Woah! This is EXACTLY what I wanted. Thanks!
Loves: Black RC Car, Cherries, Cherry Pie, Chocolate, Darts, Four-Leaf Clover, Ginger Ale,
GingerBread Cookies,Leather Bag(pink), Novel: The Little Blue Bird, Novel: Infinite Space,
Pink Pinwheel, Red Watering Can,Silver Trumpet, Tea Ceremony Set, Sushi

Yay! Thank You!
Likes: Apple, Blue Wind Chime, Cheesecake, Chinese Tea Set, Cloth Bag(orange), Crystal Ornament, Donuts, Dumbell, Electric Guitar, Enclcloypedia, Fashionable Basket, French Fries, Gold Trumpet, Handbasket, Harmonica, Japanese Dessert, Japanese Drums, Japanese Parasol, Lace Parasol, Kasumi Coin, Lantern, Lemonade, Newspaper, Novel: Sea of Light, Ocarina, Old Watch, Orange Watering Can, Pizza, Purple Pinwheel, Red Pinwheel, Recorder, Red Wind Chime, Sheet Music, Sketch Drawing Set, Sky Blue RC Car, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Tea Set, Telescope, Tropical Fruit Punch, White Watering Can
As you can see, almost every item you can give to her.
Also Cherry Pie is a love item of hers, Sushi is also.
Partner Guide (with Rio)
Rio + Hitomi
Hitomi would play as a great defender to this team. However be careful with some of the most strong and fast characters.

Rio + Lisa
This is another team that probably has a higher chance to play defense. This team with a strong allie and good timing, seems a bit more stronger.

Characters that can knock Rio down
Helena Douglas
Secrets, Hints, Tips, Easter Eggs
Roulette Blooper!
When it's night time and when you have to go to the hotel, go to the casino. When your there, you can see the environment (like when your in the Jungle, the camera moves around) just let the screen go to different places for a while. You should be able to spot that there is a sighn that says Roulette although there is no Roulette in DOA Paradise.

Just like DOAX sometimes your partner doesn't preform well in Volleyball matches, if she isn't given food.
Most of the time it will work in DOA Paradise also.

Easter Egg(s):
Alternate pink casino costume (Rio)
To see Rio in her ‘pink’ version of her casino swimsuit wear the Texas hold ‘em or Three Sevens. Play BlackJack against her and she is wearing it.
Also while Rio is wearing her alternate pink casino swimsuit (costume) she will also have a cowboy hat.
Remember you have to play as Rio and gift one of those suits to any of the girls.
Alternate pink costume
Well that's it I guess, for this FAQ. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have liked to write
it down. This FAQ is to only to be used in DOAWorld. Please PM me for any questions or anything Rio.
I shall come back to update this, also. I think I did a pretty great job, thought this is my very first
one. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Rio is property of Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja. This FAQ is copyright to me. Also all of this is work of my own, I did not steal anything from anyone, this is all done by me.
Thank you DOA Wikipidia for some of the valuable information. (But as I was taking ideas from it, I written it by my own words)

The only websites that can take this FAQ are DOAWorld, DOA EU and Dead or Alive Fighters. Do not take anything from this guide without
my permission.

Special thanks:
DOA Wikipidia: For information about Rio
You for reading my guide

PN (Please Note): I may update this FAQ without notice. If you want anything from this guide then please
PM me first and I shall decide. I have the right to remove it.

Rio Rollins Tachibana [DOA: Paradise Guide] © LavanderGirl

Thank you.
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Rio Rollins Tachibana [DOA: Paradise Guide]
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