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 Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Project ASP On Hajinmon Gaming TV

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Hurricane Rev

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PostSubject: Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Project ASP On Hajinmon Gaming TV   Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:03 am

DOAEU Showcase is back for another round of interviewing people who are part of the DOA and Tecmo Koei Community and this time around, I had an interview with the owner of his brand new site "Hajinmon Gaming TV", Project ASP. His new site has just went up this week and his site is a fighting games website which is for the worldwide fighting games community. Within this interview, he tells us what exactly is his website about and he also tells us what are his aims for this site. Click on Read More to see the full interview.

Hurricane Rev - Just tell me some info about yourself

Project ASP - Well my real name is Jaquai Davis, age seventeen, and I'm currently am High school student, Junior grade.
I've played video games since i was six years old, mostly fighting game franchises, and I still play to this day.
Fighting games, in my opinion, are usually one of the best genres in gaming itself.

Hurricane Rev - Congrats on your site that was launched yesterday, Tell me, what is your site about?

Project ASP - The purpose of Hajinmon Gaming is to provide a worldwide community for fighting game franchises, such as Tekken, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, and so forth. It is also to help users around the globe express their opinions about fighting games, and become more acquainted with each other.

Hurricane Rev - What are you hoping to achieve with the site?

Project ASP - Ever since the GMMA founders, Nathan Guerrero(mistercox36) and Kendrick D. McBean(Blazin' Peanut), shut down a big community due to some major complications, which i do not believe would be right for me to say, i have decided to rise from those footsteps myself and take over. But, what i am doing is pretty much what no other fighting game community has done yet(or never had the courage to do), expand, by uniting all players from around the world. GMMA was planning to do this, but there were so many people who affected fighting game online communities, especially for Tekken 6. One of the men who caused GMMA to be permanently depleted was a notorious Tekken player known as "Evil Bruce Blade." There are many communities that are gone due to that user and others, but i will remain strong, as head of "Hajinmon Gaming," and unite players so that we, as gamers, can put an end to that charade. This may take time for effect, but i am confident that the fighting game community will be changed for the better, Unity and a gamers will is the key.

Hurricane Rev - When did you started geting into fighting games?

Project ASP - For starters, i got into fighting games in my early childhood, age six i believe.
The first fighting game i had was Tekken 3 and i was really satisfied w/ the gameplay and story.
I had an addiction to that game, but i kept talking about it during elementary school, so my parents, believe it or not, thought i was obsessed w/ Tekken so they hid Tekken 3 in their room(but it didn't stop me from finding it).

Hurricane Rev - What do you think of the fighting games community right now?

Project ASP - Personally, i believe that fighting game community is pretty decent, but there are still problems in the online society that need to be dealt with. But, that won't happen unless the community itself takes action and desire for that change.

Hurricane Rev - In terms of DOA, how will you be able to help the community to grow?

Project ASP - There are a lot of people that like love DOA just as much as our friends in DOA World.
Some may have left due to the problems of the "big-breasted" incident, and some other content which disturbed the players. I strongly have belief in Mr. Yosuke Hayashi-San and his hopes of changing DOA for the better, and it is my honor to help the DOA community as much as i can for that change. That is another cause of "Hajinmon Gaming."

Hurricane Rev - Dead Or Alive 5 demo will be coming out next month. Have you got any plans on doing anything for it?

Project ASP - For the Pre-Alpha demo, i was thinking of trying it out, but i would rather stay in touch on preparing w/ Helena Douglas, since she is my main character. But, I'll be willing to buy the demo in order to see what's in-stored for the complete version of Dead or Alive 5. We don't know what extra features the complete version may hold, but at least we have a little taste for it, and we fans cannot really complain about that.

Hurricane Rev - What do you think of Dead Or Alive 5 so far?

Project ASP - Well i personally think that it looks amazing, better than the previous installments to be honest.
Hayashi-San wants to take Dead or Alive to the next level, and i think that would be a great idea after so long.

Hurricane Rev - What things would you like to see in DOA5?

Project ASP - I have not really decided what things i would like to see in DOA5, but i think it's best if i leave it to Team Ninja.

Hurricane Rev - Have you got any shoutouts to say?

Project ASP - Shout-outs to Mistercox36, Blazin' peanut, Byakko, and all of my friends of GMMA!
We will reunite really soon, i am sure.

Hurricame Rev - Some really good stuffs man and thanks alot for letting me do an interview with you.

Project ASP - Thank you for interviewing me!


Hajinmon Gaming TV Links

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Hajinmon Gaming Forum -
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PostSubject: Re: Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Project ASP On Hajinmon Gaming TV   Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:09 am

This is spelnded. I'm glad to see that Project ASP has launched his site.

Great interview overall.
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Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Project ASP On Hajinmon Gaming TV
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