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 The Head Of Team Ninja Discusses DOA5

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Hurricane Rev

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PostSubject: The Head Of Team Ninja Discusses DOA5   Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:38 am

Spencer, over at Siliconera, did an interview with the Leader of Team Ninja, Yosuke Hayashi. He discusses about how they manage to come up with the ideas that was in the pre-alpha trailer for DOA5, if there will be any new characters and he talks about how different DOA is to other fighting game such as Blazblue and Soul Calibur...

Quote :
Spencer: You’re also working on Dead or Alive 5 and we saw Ryu hanging off a rooftop.

Hayashi: Everything you saw in that trailer was gameplay. That is a feature we are putting in there and it is one of the key features that will define the next level of fighting games.

To be completely honest, after Dead or Alive 4 we weren’t sure what the future was going to be. We were trying to think of something new, but we weren’t getting any ideas of what to do for 5. Then we saw Street Fighter IV and the fighting genre come back because in a large part of Capcom and what they were doing. For all of the fighting games that came out we looked at them, but there was something wrong. They looked great with updated graphics and had online gameplay, but the gameplay itself hasn’t changed. It’s still the gameplay we’ve had for years.

We started to think how can we change the genre. What could we add new and put that into the fighting game? And that’s how that idea came out.

Spencer: How else do you want to change the genre? Some developers like Arc System Works put an emphasis on technical combos while the Soulcalibur series is more accessible. Where does Dead or Alive and its new system fit in?

Hayashi: Dead or Alive is different from both of those. We’re looking for simple, but deep fighting entertainment. We’re not looking to be a technical hardcore fighter. We want a game that a lot of people can have fun with, but people who want that depth can find it. When people watch the second part of the demo that will give players a sense of what we’re thinking of when we mean "fighting entertainment."

Spencer: Are you creating any new characters for Dead or Alive 5?
Hayashi: Yes, absolutely. It’s a numbered title, so we will have new characters. In the gameplay footage, you can tell the character designs have been updated as well. The characters that you’ve come to know and love will be changed too and players will feel the entire roster is refreshed.

Spencer: Were there any ideas from Code Chronos that made it into Dead or Alive 5?
Hayashi: As a project it has been canceled, but people who were involved with that project have worked on Dead or Alive 4, Dimensions, and Dead or Alive 5. There is a link there, but there isn’t a direct connection.

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PostSubject: Re: The Head Of Team Ninja Discusses DOA5   Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:23 pm

DOA 5!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: The head of Team Ninja Discusses DOA5.    Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:21 pm

yes i can't wait for DOA5 should be a very good game. Also can't wait to see what the characters will look like to.
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PostSubject: Re: The Head Of Team Ninja Discusses DOA5   

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The Head Of Team Ninja Discusses DOA5
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