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 Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Dan Long on Insert Coin

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Hurricane Rev

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PostSubject: Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Dan Long on Insert Coin   Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:16 am

It has been quite a while since I last did a DOAEU showcase which was about me interviewing with the owner of Get A Life Podcast, Bish Loves Mish. But the DOAEU Showcase series is back for the fifth time and this time, I had a plesure to interview Dan Long, who is the Head of Comms at a clothes company called Insert Coin. For those that don't know, Insert Coins is the leading name in high quality gaming apparel, producing stylish t-shirts and hoodies inspired by the World Of Videogames and the company was set up in 2010. In this interview, he talks about how the company was established and he talks what it is like to work with big companies such as Ubisoft, Gamespot and Microsoft!

Hurricane Rev - Tell me a bit about the company and how Insert Coin was established?

Dan Long - We set up Insert Coin in the summer of 2010, mainly because of how bad the other gaming t-shirts were out there. We had bought some and they were really bad - not to name companies, but it was run as a hobby and the guy obviously didn't have time to run it properly so the tees were cheap, presented badly and, when there was a problem, he was rude and unhelpful. We knew we could do better - we knew we could deliver better products with a better customer experience and so we thought 'let's do it' and so we did! The rest, as they say, is history.

Hurricane Rev- I've seen the designs on your site and I must say that I really do like them. How long does it generally take for you guys to complete the designs for your clothes? How do you produce them?

Dan Long - Thank you! The time taken to complete a design varies - some can come to life straight away, others need tinkering to get them 'just right' ready for release. We're lucky to have a reallt great community who help us hone our look and feel and we work with fantastic companies too - like Ubisoft, SEGA etc - who are very supportive and enthusiastic. Once the designs are ready, they go to our family-run factory and are reproduced on our unique tees. Most tee companies just re-label cheap tees and pass them off as their own - ours are unique to us and made to our own high specification, which means we can get every colour, every fit, every little aspect of every tee just right.

Hurricane Rev - How was it like to work with big companies such as Microsoft, Sony and Gamespot?

Dan Long - It's an honour to work with such wonderful companies - especially when they come to us and want to work with us. We've been incredibly lucky and the industry as a whole has really got behind us and helped us make our mark.

Hurricane Rev - Will Insert Coin be at London Expo in May?

Dan Long - We most certainly will. It's our first show of the year, but most definitely not our last - we have big plans in 2012!

Hurricane Rev - Dead Or Alive 5 is coming out later this year. Are you looking forward to the game's release?

Dan Long - Absolutely - we're big DOA fans and we love the Tecmo Koei community too because they're so passionate and full of love for all things gaming. It'll be good to get into DOA - 2012 is definitely a year for fighters, with SoulCalibur V and SFXT too!

Hurricane Rev - Are there any characters that you like the look of in DOA5 so far? Are there any characters that you are looking forward to seeing in the game?

Dan Long - The updated look for DOA is certainly really interesting. We have a whole lot of love for a certain Mr Hayabusa, so we're definitely looking forward to spending some time with him again!

Hurricane Rev - Are there any last words that you would like to say?

Dan Long - Just thanks to the DOA / TK community for all their love and support and hopefully we'll be able to work on something DOA or Ninja Gaiden themed very soon. Watch this space - we have plenty of exciting things lined up for 2012 already!

Insert Coin's Links

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Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Dan Long on Insert Coin
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