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 Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Lets Talk "Get A Life" Podcast

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Hurricane Rev

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PostSubject: Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Lets Talk "Get A Life" Podcast   Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:36 am

This time on Dead Or Alive EU Showcase, I was happy to interview Bish Loves Mish, who is part the Tecmo Koei Community (aka TKFamily) and he is the creator of the Get A Life Podcast, which was created late last year and since then, he started to do podcasts for certain games such as Dead Or Alive, Dynasty Warriors, Call Of Duty, Halo and More. In this interview, he tells us what his podcast is about and he talks about how he came up on doing something like a Podcast.

Hurricane Rev - Tell me a bit about yourself.

Bish Loves Mish - I am Bish Loves Mish the creator of the Get A Life Podcast, I am a hardcore Tecmo Koei gamer, who started playing games from age 6. Also, I have grown up with Koei Titles like Dynasty Warriors and Kessen and have recently branched off to other titles like Ninja Gaiden, Dead or alive and Samurai Warriors. I also like playing alot of generic shooter games mainly because I love war games. I would say that I am not a fan of sports games, because they always seem repetitive to me and that you can't put a real strategy to them. Also as you can tell by the logo, I am also a big fan of nintendo titles such as Super Mario Very Happy.

Hurricane Rev - What Is your Podcast in General is about?

Bish Loves Mish - My Podcast is a gaming podcast where we talk about various of games, mostly TK Games due to our high percentage of Japanese listeners although sometimes we do go off topic and talk about a certain character's personality or once we talked about Cao Cao's sex life lool. We don't really stick to a script, we just have a topic and give our opinions on it, sometimes we do talk about nostalgia. but for almost any thing I want to talk about I like to get listeners/Followers involved. For example if we are talking about Warriors orochi or a similar game to that , I will ask members of the TKFamily to join me. In my opinion, you can't have a good episode without guests, because then it would be me talking for two hours which is not always assuming or informative lool.

Hurricane Rev - When did “Get A Life Podcast“, Get established?

Bish Loves Mish - The Get A Life Podcast, Started off in october 2010, with it's first episode primarily focusing on the release of Call of Duty. It all started with an idea, from a guy who had nothing to do in his spare time, then it grew with the help of TKFamily and people who believed me in and the podcast, people like inspchin Very Happy

Hurricane Rev - You guys talked about Call Of Duty for your introduction for your podcast. What other games do you talk about on your podcast?

Bish Loves Mish - Like I said we talk about various different games and different genres, Games Like SSX, DW, SW, DOA , NG, SMB or any other game that we are interested in, sometimes we even think "What games should crossover". we like to talk about E3 announced games and stuff like that when those events occur, I remember last year we talked about, halo, mw3, skyrim, fable, Battlefield, Ghost Recon, assassin's creed and loads of other stuff Very Happy

Hurricane Rev - Where can people go to listen to one of your Podcast?

Bish Loves Mish - Podcast can be found on itunes or if you want to listen to older episodes there is the episode archive plus we do have a youtube channel where our podcast was animated plus there are some Gameplay stuff there aswell Very Happy

Hurricane Rev - You said that you have recently branched off to other games. Are you planning on getting into DOA5, with the demo coming out this month?

Bish Loves Mish - I am excited for DOA , but I can't get my hands on the demo as I didn't pre-order the special edition of Ninja Gaiden. Can't wait for DOA5 seeing that Ryu has some nostalgic costumes Very Happy plus I can't wait to try and face some DOA pros lool

Hurricane Rev - Will you guys be doing a Podcast for the DOA5 demo?

Bish Loves Mish - of course Like I said if we get our hands on the demo that is Very Happy

Hurricane Rev - Do you want to make any shout outs to anyone?

Bish Loves Mish - Well inspchin , RidentFFXI , & two of the coolest pro DOA Fighters out there BlackKrystel and sWooZ1e and of course the TKFamily Very Happy

Get A Life Podcast Links

Podcast Episodes On Itunes -
Episode Archive -

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PostSubject: Dead or Alive EU's showcase lets talk "get a life podcast    Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:21 am

Awesome interview overall i remembered listened to one podcast once before
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Dead Or Alive EU Showcase: Lets Talk "Get A Life" Podcast
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